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Beijing Energy &

Environment Roundtable

Popular Events in 2018 and 2019

Composting Bulkhouse.png

Zero Waste Life: DIY Composting Workshop

Featuring Joe Harvey, Co-Founder of THE BULK HOUSE

THE BULK HOUSE is the first  social enterprise in China committed to promoting the zero waste lifestyle.  Check out their story and shop around  here:

Game night.png

Game Night! Serious Games with the Wilson Center

Featuring Jennifer Turner, Director of the China Environment Forum, and Elizabeth Newberry, Director of the Serious Games Initiative, from the Woodrow Wilson Center


Renewable City Field Trip

Ruicheng is a pilot city under the Solar Top Runner Program. In 2018, Ruicheng installed 500MW solar PV generating 730 million KWh and 70MW wind power generating 178 million KWh. In 2018, Ruicheng consumed power of 721 million KWh; essentially becoming a 100% renewables city.


BEN visited Ruicheng over the summer to see what it is like on the ground in a renewable energy city!

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