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The Beijing Energy Network community includes everyone who supports BEN's projects by organizing or attending events and contributing  to our inclusive, collaborative environment.


Interested in presenting on your organization or work? Send us your name, organization, position, 2-3 sentences about your proposed topic, and any materials that might be helpful to explain your work. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and work with you to prepare and publicize the event! 


Please note that we will only consider topics within the cross-section of China and the environment. However, speakers are not required to be experts! The original BEN circle started out with early career professionals and students. 


Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to give as much or as little time as they can – It’s a great way to practice skills in event planning, design, public speaking, and publicity. Organizer meetings are held once a month on Monday evenings.

The team is led by the acting BEN Director, who is selected by the previous BEN Directors from among the active volunteers. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Green Jobs

Have a job description you’d like to post? Drop us a line at

Listings are updated every month.

Executive Assistant

The Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE) is a nonprofit environmental research organization registered and based in Beijing. Since its establishment in May 2006, IPE has collected and maintained a comprehensive database of national environmental quality maps and other environmental records, with the mission of promoting information transparency and public participation to strengthen environmental governance. 

Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs

Oil Cap Project Intern

China Oil Consumption Cap Plan and Policy Research Project (aka "China Oil Cap Project") was launched in January 2018, with NRDC as one of the coordinating organizations. The project combines resources from key stakeholders - including government think tanks, academic institutions, and industry associations - to help China peak and reduce its oil consumption and to support China’s oil industry to be safer, greener, and more efficient. 

Natural Resources Defense Council


Smart Air正在寻找一名出色的教育项目经理来推广Smart Air的环保教育项目和理念。我们希望这位小伙伴能够借助B Corp和社会企业作为发展平台,利用上班的7小时(你没有听错,我们实行7小时工作制!)为社会创新和环保教育出一份力,享受商业向善给你带来的思想激荡和情感慰藉!

SmartAir 聪明空气

Greening BRI Project Intern

NRDC`s China Climate Change and Energy Policy team is seeking an intern based in Beijing from now to December 2019 (if possible). This intern will be supporting the project on Greening China`s Belt and Road Initiative, that aims to strengthen policies and mechanisms for encouraging investment in low-carbon, low emissions projects under China`s BRI overseas development initiative. 

Natural Resources Defense Council

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